IoL – Mesh network sensors


Sensors placed in cargo containers will be used to collect readings and transmit those to gateways. In order to do so sensors and gateways will form a unique mesh isolated network environment over a proprietary technology. As the environment and its needs grow over time more sensors can be deployed to accommodate the additional demands.


Gateways can be used either in transit or positioned locally to receive data transmitted to them by sensors. As soon as those data are received then gateways are responsible to process them and forward the appropriate information over an encrypted channel to Isolode’s Internet of Logistics (IoL) platform where all data collection, processing and visualization takes place. Besides that gateways can be used as simple control and administrative panels in order for an accredited operator to be able to perform basic management actions and monitor the status of the entire system (e.g. remote Gateways).

IoL Platform - Operations Panel

Data are eventually received in Isolode’s Internet of Logistics (IoL) platform. Our platform provides the flexibility to monitor and control IoL entities in a secure way using rich server-side APIs. Additionally visualization can be performed to produce flexible dashboards. Based on that, Isolode has developed its own panel where accredited operators can login and gain access to all features.